Learn How To Stop The Negative Thought Cycle

Negativity is a habit, one that you can change.

I am a former negative thinking, blaming, shaming machine.

Negative self talk is a bad habit that many of us have. Once you start to really listen to the chatter in your mind you will see how much of a habit it really is. Ask yourself this, would you ever speak to your loved ones the way you speak to yourself? Would you ever tell your dearest friend the things you tell yourself? The answer is probably a big fat NO. 

We tend to get on these loops, like a car on a race track, just going in circles and circles that look like this:

Negative thought
Questioning yourself
Wondering why you are so sad/negative/fearful
Guilt about being sad/negative/fearful
Shame or Blame

Then the cycle continues. 

I have learned to spot these negative thoughts and stop them in their tracks before I make a complete lap around the negativity track and end up in shame or blame. I can choose to change lanes. I have learned a valuable lesson:

Your thoughts are a choice. 

I choose to change lanes. I do this by giving my negative monkey mind somewhere else to go. I listen to music, sing, meditate, focus on my breath, feel my feet on the ground, close my eyes and picture a beautiful flower - any of these mini-meditation techniques help me come back to my center. 

During quiet moments, you can choose to get off of the track completely and rest in the center of the madness. Meditation is the key to resting in the center of your negative loop. You can observe these thoughts running in circles and realize you are separate from those thoughts and find reprieve and rest though quiet, focused meditation. Change lanes purposefully for 10 - 30 minutes a day and the negative self talk will automatically quiet down over time. 

Thankfully we can choose to change lanes on the track. Ask yourself why are you in this habit? Why are you thinking what you are thinking? Is it real? Is it a habit? Has it been passed down to you from generations of negativity? It may not feel like you are in charge, but you are. It may take time, it does take practice, but changing your thoughts can happen. 

Choose to change lanes.