Swing For The Fences And Break The Walls

What will it take to make us keep those promises we made as a child? That hunger that is still inside of us, yearning to get out? How are we going to get back to that place from our childhood?

Swing For The Fences And Break The Walls

As a child we look at life in a very simple, non-judgmental way. We assimilate all that is around us and we are more visual, taking in all the smells and outside presence we can pull in.

As a young adult, we begin to internalize in a very complicated, intricate web-like way. We pull in interactions with all the people in our lives, people we meet, and we are still visual but our emotions, which began in our teens, influence us in ways we don’t really understand until later.

As an older adult, we have learned what we thought were all the important and necessary lessons in life, creating another web-like way that creeps itself into our behavior patterns, making us “set in our ways.”  It becomes annoying to younger adults because they think older adults don’t understand what they are going through. Arguments and resentments ensue and pretty soon, there are walls built up.

In order for this world to change, we must tear down all the walls. We must swing for the fences and take what is ours. We must own our birthright. It is time to make the change so many politicians talk about. The trouble is they don’t know what “change” really means. They can’t grasp it because to them, it’s an economic change, but to us, it’s a monumental, ground-breaking, generational (every age involved) change.

We can’t respect each other if we can’t see from each other’s perspective. Our lives are so diversified and entangled with so many distractions we can’t sit still long enough to even smell what is around us. We are putting iPads in the hands of 2 year olds who should be running and frolicking in the grass, enjoying the smell of, I hope would be “fresh” air.

Let’s do this! Let’s Swing for the Fences. Let’s Break the Walls. This life was given to us to LIVE and ENJOY.  So let's enjoy what was given to us, freely and without judgment.