The Royal Society

The essence of the royal society, in my words.

The Royal Society

The Royal Society is a sanctuary for broken hearts and opened minds. It's a place where people from all over the world have come together to share, be compassionate and be encouraging. It's a place where people like us feel safe and understood. Colourful beings like us have found a safe haven from the monochromatic atmosphere.

We can cry it out here about what has been bothering us and realize during the process that it will get better , through healing and growth. We share our moments of gratitude and pride and live the age old saying , ' Be humble coz you're made of the earth and be noble coz you're made of the stars ' . It's for the ones who want another chance at life and for the ones who were lucky enough to be here in their initial chances.

Our personal victories are celebrated her by our royal family members. We can trust this place for building ourselves and each other up and being a listening ear to the ones in need as is reciprocated. The fear of being judged for our shortcomings gets destroyed.

This paradise is powered by Simple Reminders , we are simply reminded of the knowledge and wisdom we carry within our mind,heart and soul at the right time for us. Bryant and Jenni are the heroic ones who were chosen to mobilize the mobilize the potential Royals and encourage them to work their way to their own betterment, which in itself is an incredible act of royalty.

Thank you Universe for leading me here!

Love — Rohan :)