The Diaries of a Conscious Parent

Sandra Fazio’s deep and insightful wisdom into the process of conscious parenting can help many families transform from pain to joy.

The Diaries of a Conscious Parent

Sandra Fazio’s deep and insightful wisdom into the process of conscious parenting can help many families transform from pain to joy. She offers wonderful support to families desiring a more connected relationship with their children.

There is nothing more gratifying as an author than to have your message help another on their parenting journey. Sandra Fazio’s diaries on conscious parenting are a deeply authentic and courageous tribute to the vision of conscious parenting. Here, she shares how these teachings have worked for her in real time in a raw and insightful way. Every mom will relate to her words and be inspired to integrate conscious parenting in their own lives. Thank you Sandra, The Conscious Parent, for helping spread conscious parenting in every home!

— Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent

As a parent who has raised children in my 20s, 30s, 40s and still going, I have been on the constant quest to find a better way to have a relationship with my children. With the opportunity to “do things different” this time around, I have been discovering new ways to communicate with myself, my partner and my child. Sandra Fazio’s personal story was such a great read of how she has incorporated these practices into her own personal life. I appreciated how she was able to communicate to us, the reader, how to use these skills and examples of what was working and not working. Thank you for the opportunity to read this fabulous e-book!

— Debbie D., Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

This book is AMAZING! It was filled with stories of my life and examples of how to handle them. Sandra opened up her life stories to show us all we are not alone. It showed me that I need to stop pretending and actually take the steps to be a more conscious person. It gave me guidance to gain my patience back. It took my fears away and gave me the confidence that I need to be the woman, daughter, wife, sister, and mother I want and need to be for my family. Thank you for letting me read your book it was a great experience for me.

— Janette Lenggenhager, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Throughout the book, Sandra comes across as authentic and passionate about her own journey as a conscious being, acknowledging all aspects, challenging and joyous, of her journey with herself and her family. Sandra demonstrates that being a conscious parent isn’t just about the relationship we have with our child(ren), but also with ourselves, friends, family and others we come into contact with. I found the book engaging as it is about real life; messy, exhilarating, wonderful, challenging. It really helped me to frame my own experiences and thoughts and see where I can improve my own consciousness. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Thank you for your honesty and keeping it real.

— Ms. L. Lewis, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Sandra Fazio’s diary ebook was very enjoyable and something I appreciate as a mother but also as a woman in the world. She provides some beautiful tools to use in real life (“I’m Patient” is one of my favorites) but also parent coaching questions to help me dive deep and look within at what my own needs are, why I’m behaving a certain way, and then how I can use this self-examination to transform my parenting with my daughter and just choose love. Sandra’s book serves me as an eye-opener, a mirror reflection, a friend, and a tool. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

— Dawna L. Poole, Holistic Health and Life Coach, Denver, Colorado

I want to tell you that I absolutely loved your book and the candid, non-censored, raw accounts of your life with your daughter. Your words are powerful and insightful and your compassion and humility come through in every page. I think your book would be invaluable to anyone looking to strengthen their relationships with both their inner selves and with their children. I thought your writing was engaging and very relatable. Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from you and for sharing your wisdom in such an articulate way. You should be so proud of yourself!

— Alissa Sherman, Canada