Reflection is an important step in personal development.

This article provides a new perspective on dealing with people who may be disrespecting you without knowing it.

Reflection is an important step in personal growth, perhaps even the starting point.

I've been contemplating reflection since discovering I lived in front of a mirror for 12 years as a stylists and never really looking very deep into my own eyes or my own soul. I am discovering by looking deeper into myself that I really am amazing. I am resilient and strong for all I have suffered. I am learning what my truths mean every day. In a world of lies and deception it is hard to see through it all sometimes. So when the world gets confusing and overwhelming, which it has the potential to do these days, we need to stop ourselves and use those ‘simple reminders’ that are everywhere and remember to look deep within and you will find your truth. Think of yourself as an antenna and when you are in front of a mirror it can deflect and project a new or different perspective. What you put out into your environment, be it your commentary, your humor, or your intellect, just know it’s being reflected and projected and creating a ripple effect into the world. It will come back to you, you just need to have patience with yourself, and with others. There will be times when we need to be the mirror to allow others to grow as well. We all have a role to play and it changes as the minutes tick away.

My sister-in-law came to me with a problem about a coworker and getting him to stop being so disrespectful. She is considered profoundly deaf, in that she has only 5% hearing in one ear and with the use of hearing aids, she is able to hear a little better and can read lips quite well, as she’s been practicing since birth. So, this coworker yells when he talks to her. He is the obnoxious awkward guy that just might not realize what he looks like and how disrespectful he is being. So, I explained this was an opportunity for her to be the mirror and to get his attention and allow him to feel what she feels when he yells as her like he does. She feels degraded and disrespected, almost as if he thinks she is an idiot. I explained to be the mirror she needed to remember he may not realize his behaviors or the affect they have on her, as well as time to process and understanding in getting her point across. She agreed she would try it and let me know what happens so stay tuned for that!! I am excited to hear how it works out for her.

Essentially it goes along with the notion that we are a direct reflection of what we see in others. Therefore, how we react to those reflections are our own interpretations about ourselves, and how we truly feel about ourselves. Our behaviors are a projection of our socialization and our biological make up, which is relayed through laughter, confusion, sadness, and array of other emotions and reactions to various situations. These situations allow us to learn and grow if we allow them to, otherwise, from what I am hearing and experiencing, is that the lessons will continue, the cycle will continue until you break it. You do that by learning who you really are and looking deep within.

That might sound scary to some because you may be fighting some heavy demons, so to speak. I am here to tell you that you are not alone and that there are people who will accept you for being who you are and accepting you, while aiding you in your own recovery of self-doubt, and all the other painful things you have suffered. I am here to tell you that you can change any second you want. Whenever you are ready, and when you start doing the work, you will see that it will all workout, as long as you show up and believe in yourself and your talents. Believe you have the strength to get through your storm and you will!! The power of positive thinking is astounding!! I am getting a front row seat these days.

What I didn’t realize about myself until I was given a mirror was that I have been a bully in my own way and reacted in less than healthy and progressive ways. As I grow and evolve into what I was meant for I am also learning that I am in need of those in my environment to correct me when I am wrong so that I can work to correct the unwanted behaviors, but its all about the delivery!! Respect, compassion, love, and justice must be factored into the correction toward yourself and others. We are all flawed and in those flaws we can draw strength once we search for the truths behind those flaws. Be gentle with yourself and others, be patient with yourself and others. This is how we change the world together!!

Awareness is key to change, along with commitment, determination, drive, and a willingness to try!! All you have to do is try!! Give it your best effort, but you must remember patience with yourself and others, forgiveness teaches us this. We must use what we have and what we know based on all avenues of our lives and how they affect us and society as a whole because we are all in this together. When you start your own path of self-discovery I promise a better life for us all, as long as we all show up!!