People vs Things

I prefer people over things. Most of my family of origin prefer things over people.

People vs Things

I began to notice awhile ago that some people seem to care more about things than they do about people.  They don't even realize that they do.  

Here are a few examples.  My mother always had to have everything in perfect order in her house with four children.  Often, in the summertime,  she would shoo us out the door and clean house and refuse to let us back in for hours on end.  That is how I learned to drink from a garden hose.  I remember dusting and vacuuming and having to rake her new shag carpet.  Yes, I raked green carpet indoors.  I would carefully pick up the glass ashtrays and the nick-knacks and dust them and the table or shelf they were on and carefully put them back right where they belonged.  I remember having to take each encyclopedia off of the shelf and dust them as well.  When I was tall enough I got to hang the laundry out on the clothesline with clothespins.  I enjoyed that job.  

I grew up and got married and had four kids.  I couldn't possibly keep up with having everything in its place all of the time and that was okay with me.   Toys on the floor with babies were a clean mess to me.  I always loved playing with my children as well as other kids in the neighborhood.  I imagine that wasn't the case with my mother.  She worked hard to make everything including her children look perfect.  I don't remember her ever playing with us.  

Fast forward to living next door to my mother.  Her house was perfect on the inside. Everything was in it's place.  My kids began having kids.  Grand kids like to run around and horse around and oh my they might break something.  That is what we heard when we went to visit her in her house.  After awhile we just didn't take the grand kids into her house.  We would meet up outside and let the kids run in the yard because they couldn't break the grass.   I let them run and play in my house.  I don't have many things to break as I don't collect nick-knacks.  I have kids toys and games to play.  We have so much fun.  They make messes and sometimes things get knocked down, perhaps broken, but they are just things.  I like to make memories with my grand kids.  

Last year my mother moved back to the town that I grew up in.  One day her and my sister were near my house and they stopped by to pick up a check that I had got from closing her bank account.  We were standing on my front porch chatting and my husband had set his coffee mug down.  My mother said, "Is that my coffee mug?"  She had one like it as it was from the Church that we attended when I was growing up.  I said ever so politely, that no it wasn't her mug.  It was mine.  I knew then at that very moment that she truly cares more about things than people.