Imagine... A bigger picture...

Being in touch with all that is opens your eyes to all that can be.

Sunday Thoughts

I have always been a bigger picture person and not that I don't absolutely love big pictures, I do, but I am talking about THE bigger picture.  Due to a brain injury it may seem as if I am slow on the uptake but like Einstein, my thoughts are far loftier.   As a teenager some 45 years ago I was talking about global warming before it became a "thing" to discuss.  I have an immense love of not only nature, but of this beautiful planet we call home and I had concerns about what I was seeing even then. Of course, back then, my intuition was right on target and I was so in touch that I had many "premonitions" of things to come, now many past.  Back then, people didn't understand their divinity, let alone get or be in touch with it.  The Universe speaks, all of the time if only you would listen to it.  I was labeled "freak" and admonished by my mom to stop that nonsense and never speak these things again. So, not knowing how to control it, I shut it off.

After leaving my parental home at 16, I let it seep back in, bit by bit and was more in tune on some things than others but "I" was still in me, never having left, only silenced for awhile.  And beauty returned to my world, never having truly left either, only my perception of it while being silenced in the pursuit of survival. Even then I did not quite understand or see my inherent worth.  Abuse will do that to you.  But it can be healed, forgiven and you can move on from it. But I digress.

As I see it, we are here in this community, this Royal community, to not only lift others up, help them heal and see their inherent divinity but to raise each other up to our full potential. It isn't just a community of healers and uplifters that Bryant and Jenni have created, but to groom us to do what he does in sharing his love of humanity to help others see theirs.  When Bryant said (paraphrased) "Imagine being in an auditorium of 5,000 people and you know them all, love all of them" he wasn't just talking about gathering with 5, 000 of your dear friends, he was talking about a room of 5,000 THOUGHT LEADERS that will lead the world into love, peace and the recognition of their divinity and inherent worth.  5,000 future broadcast holders, for lack of better phrasing, people who have their own broadcasts to show others the way.  Can you grasp the phenomenal enormity of this vision?.  John Lennon would be pleased.  He sang Imagine all those years ago, because he saw it too, the world will live as one. 

So, yes, bigger picture.  And it is amazing.