Find Your Passion By Funding It

If you're struggling to find purpose, here's a neat way to get one...

Find Your Passion By Funding It

Find your passion. I truly believe this should be the foundation for your giving. Find out what you care about, whom you care about, what matters to you most, and what you want to change in the world then focus giving to make it happen. 

You need to form your vision. Ask yourself, what do you want the world to look like? Then ask how best you can give to do just that.

Try to find what moves you and settle into your niche. Armed with an understanding of your motives and what you can contribute, decide on the focus of your giving. Time, money or talent are all gifts you can give, never think "only money is valuable" when trying to donate to a cause.

Giving is by no means limited to gifts of money. Remember, We don’t all have the same amount of money, but we all have time and can give some of this to others.

You can use the "Lump your giving" method. One study showed that giving in one "Lump" (performing several acts of kindness in one day) in comparison to “sprinkling” (one act of kindness every day for several days) was more effective in creating happiness in the people genuinely seeking to be cheerful  givers.

Give with focus and intention. There are thousands of worthy charities, and causes and we should not feel bad about choosing where we’d like to give. Many generous people prefer to give in different ways, knowing that some donations have more impact than others, It helps to do things more purposefully if you are sure you're giving to what you love.