Let's Talk About Sex

Sex is not a dirty word. Let's explore how it has been abused , misunderstood, feared, exploited, yet remains the very passion that creates life and penetrates the intimate layers of love.

Do you get embarrassed talking about sex? Do you feel that it has been represented fairly within society? Do you enjoy the act of sex ,the connection that it invites or both?

I could continue a whole book of just questions about sex. I am here to explore the answers that I have unapologetically found  on this journey thus far,as a 40 something sexual, female being. Although I could write a few books on the subject just as it pertains to my personal life, I have noticed how society has become even more confused and  more willing to give the subject matter up  to popular culture. You see , if we are going to find our self worth, self love and  purpose of  a divine spirit to navigate through this body of life, we have to come into some deep thoughts and analysis of our sexuality and sex from which we were created into this present life form.

I find that it is of no coincidence that in a time where so many are disregarding life and death , sex has become another causality of a zombie like culture. I grew up in the deep southern bible belt during a time when we had an option of birth control and even though the idea of monogamy , marriage and religion were still prevalent , most of us knew that waiting until marriage was a rarity.  We have those that have embraced the subject matter over the years as separate from procreation  , "free love" , those that have demonized it as a weapon in and outside of love, as population control ,politics,liberation and commerce.

The reality is that sex can be used or abused just like the life that it is made to reproduce. We the people should awaken to the truth of our own inner voices and beliefs about the spiritual beings  sexual experiences. Our sexual experiences, beliefs, conditioning and dialogue are  emotional, physical, visual, mental, spiritual identities. We must be fearless thought leaders  able and willing to bring peace to this conversation for real change, so that we can be free to live a life of acceptance with love.

I have witnessed how a predominately male dominated world has continued to victimize women with sex, while women have gone to extremes playing into the hands of the domination.

Through my own continuous journey of soul searching , awareness ,spiritual growth and serene balance, I have actually come to a relatively simple understanding of our oneness with intercourse. After plenty of lovers, love, abuse, use, need, misuse, experimenting ,and sexual discovery, I am aware that women are penetrated with sex. Our sexual organs are internal. We develop our being internally and grow within through emotional maturity. The act of sex is inside ourselves. Even if we have immediate gratification through sexual satisfaction ; females have allowed another being , literally inside of ourselves, possibly accepting the creation of both lives to physically materialize as one! This is why women tend to want or expect more once the act of sex is experienced.  I believe that girls could better understand this concept. Girls should have more choices, to be more conscious of how they may walk away feeling ,"used", "misused" , "abused" or "unloved" after the physical act of sex. It is not the totality and magnitude of just creating life but altering yourself. (Science literally has proven that we carry the genes of the men that have had sexual intercourse with us & that they alter our own!) Like wise, men are visual creatures. Boys learn more often to walk before talking and by "doing" outside of themselves to mature and explore themselves. Men's sexual organs are outside of themselves. I think this is a big difference in how men can stay and feel completely detached from sex.  Unless they are indeed penetrated , the majority of males tend to feel no greater intimacy after sex with a woman unless it was already there.

I hope that you are able to accept these ideas and explore them. I think we should be able to talk openly , honestly and feel unashamed about our whole selves. Sex is a very big part of who we are ....literally , it is how we are born into this life. We have every right to enjoy ourselves completely and to feel the honor of our beauty and divine spirit ,always. It is only through sharing , feeling, accepting, and letting go of all attachments that we will be free to be. 

Let's talk about sex....