The Best Days, Are Blessed Days

Sometimes the greatest places we can travel to are the places that our minds can bring us to.

From this Day Forward...

When I walked away from my 25 year relationship, I knew that it wasn't going to be easy, however also did not realize how difficult it would be either. As time has come and gone, new memories created, and old one's have been let go of, I have learn to appreciate even the smallest things that are brought forth in each and every day. I have learned that to seize opportunity,  and to do that, we have to get pretty creative at times. 

These days there really has not been much that has not been seen or done. With television, and social media the need has been taken away to reach within ourselves very deep to be "bigger, better and more" within the touch of a keyboard. So much so that it would be extremely easy, to forget how to remember (or be mindful) very basic ways to make moments of time better for ourselves.

One way that I have learned to turn a bad moment around, is to say to myself what is in this moment of time can I see as a blessing?  There have been times where all I could think of is my breath, and that I am happy to be alive. Somehow, it all matters, and it  adds to become a practice that actually grows to be great things. On some days, all I have to do is close my eyes, and imagine the possibilities.

Many people suggest that we 'silence our minds'. This is not a bad thing, for relaxation, and letting go of difficult emotional baggage. However, I have found that in order to balance the hardships with some ease,  my exercise has been to enjoy creating the space in my mind for some outlets of fun. I have been managed to travel to some far away places, having  met some great people, and enjoying some fantastic experiences along the way. There is no greater day, than one well 'lived.'

Heather Ann Jarman