The Vapid and Torrent Wasteland

Do you want to succumb to the vapid and torrent wasteland which pervades in your mind?

The Vapid and Torrent Wasteland of Our Own Deceptive Mind

I told the truth to myself for myself because it needed to be said outwardly and inwardly. I needed the comfort that only I could give, no one else can, no one else should. Why would I want anyone to tell me what I already know deep down?

Our mind is always on fire, always working to find answers, to deceive, to propagate whatever we let it succumb to. The point being is this: we grow what we grow based on what we plant in our mind. If we are in the desert and there is no water, do we look for an oasis or do we find the mirage? Finding the mirage is like being in a carnival of mirrors. Where do you search, where do you find?

The whole idea of being is that you stop thinking. Just stop. It isn’t hard to do. We are afraid of running out of water, running out of food, running out of time… the list goes on and on and on. I woke up with a different attitude. I asked myself, what have I been doing all these years? I am tricking myself. Are we, as Roger Waters wrote one of the most famous songs of Pink Floyd’s musical discography, "Wish You Were Here", that infinitely lost as“two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year?”

The Vapid and Torrent Wasteland is a place that exists in everyone and your own deceptive mind plays a part. It is a mind game. You are not barefoot, you are not thirsting but you feel desperate. You are denying yourself the splendor of life and joy and just breathing.

Today, and every day, make one primary focus and stick to it. Promise yourself. You must stop trying to please others and try to please yourself. There are no rules. The rules are manmade. Stop looking at the red Stop signs and the Caution yellows and just Go green. Why are these universal colors for driving? Because green denotes our global earth and everything transient and non transient. The sky is blue but the flora and fauna is green. Enjoy the beauty at your fingertips.

Enjoy your life.

There is a reason why Nomads wander. They contribute to the culture but are not ruled by their circumstance. They exist in one place, then another. They carry their wares, tents and went where there were sources to provide for them. Be the nomad and travel down another path. The signs are there for you. Life is waiting for you to live it.

Palabra y piedra suelta no tiene vuelta—A word and a stone once launched cannot be recalled.