Synergy and Universal Law

Reconnecting with our senses and living in a state of Awareness...With our surroundings

Synergy and Universal Law

When we feel overwhelmed with life and cannot seem to find our happiness or peace... We are not balance or tuned into the universe and our surrounding.

 We then become negative and despondent feeling dispirited, This has an effect on us physically mentally and spiritually, Making us feel Burnt-out and exhausted and even NUMB!!

We need to Recharge... By reconnecting to our inner self and the Universe though Synergy (love wisdom and power) Manifestations starts to happen with the help from the energy source of Natural Magic.. SO how do we tune into light force of universal Law?

We first need to connect to our senses, Sight Smell Sound Taste and Touch (SENSORY)

 Children have a great understanding of their sensory abilities, as they develop these skill sets using SENSORY to make sense of their world around them. Though developing and being in tune with their senses, as well as the development of their cognitive fine motor, gross motor social language and creative imagination  and spiritually/moral skill sets.  

Sensory DOES play TRICKS on us all the time, without us even being aware (McGurk effect) As we become adults our senses

"fuse together”

Children separate out different aspects of their senses,up until the age of around 12yrs old,.Therefore we need to retune our sensory abilities by connecting and being mindful and being present, living in the moment of connection with mind Mind Body and spirit.

Nature animals and humanity play an important part to our overall happiness and wellbeing.

Being in the moment and being AWARE of our senses, really practicing and listening paying attention to our feelings and others needs and our passions..Using our sensory abilities and feeling  life's  vibrations of beauty that surround us.

 We then become more aware of life’s energy’s and gifts, We start to Hummm to the rhythm  of life and universal law of higher conscience, abundance gratitude and compassion for all life... Colours become brighter/vivid we begin to feel again; We become ACTIVE souls in our lives. Expanding our higher consciousness of ONENESS!

Synergy.. IS PURE ENERGY.. A LIGHT FORCE POWER Connecting us with our Relationships, healing and helping us to become conscious Co creators of our Dreams.. With acceptance Balance Grace Gratitude love, We are aligned with pure intentions of  WISDOM and FREEDOM..IT’S a Natural Magic!


PLUG the source of creation!!

Written by Annita Maria @Annitamarialovestories