Why Do You Laugh So Much?

I am me and that's all that I will ever be.

Why Do You Laugh So Much?

This was an actual question I received from a boyfriend in 2001. I have never been asked that question before and it made me start questioning myself. Why do I laugh so much? Well, from seven years of a relationship, a son and still being friends to this day, I know that he now understands why.

Life is not easy; life is really hard. Especially at 19 when you are trying to figure out who you are, what you are supposed to do, and where you fit in. I seriously started to be someone else that I wasn't. Then my life became way to serious and stressful. So I thought about when it changed and I went back to that day. I realized that I laugh so much because I am deeply rooted with my inner child. I love the good days of life and I like to play. 

Sure, I'm in my mid thirties so I know when to be serious and that's usually when it comes to paying bills. I know that life is short because I have observed it to be. I will never again take anything too seriously, especially life. Alan Watts did a lecture called, "What is the meaning to life?" The answer? To play.

So, if you don't like that I laugh all time, go ahead and take your seriousness somewhere else. I was made to be this way and I will never be anything but me, again.