Memoires Of a Single Dad

As a single father of a developmentally delayed young woman, the pressures of going it alone can be crushing at times, please read on and take a glimpse into my world.

Memoires Of a Single Dad

The Silent Corner...

I'm the silent soul that stands in the corner; the faceless person that no one notices. you look in my direction, but you don't even see me, the wall behind me is all you notice.

I stand here contemplating everyone in the room, and yet no one seems to notice me. Dare you look into my sad soulful eyes and visit the places they have been to? Could you look upon the horror they have contemplated, and then bask in the beauty they have witnessed and remain unchanged?

I long to engage in conversations of dreams, hopes, and realities, yet silence mocks me, taunting me as if it were my only companion.

Yet I have company, the sweetness of innocence unspoiled, but my twisted spirit can only gaze upon her; never really understanding her ways. 

Could it be that someday the pristine condition of her aura will cleanse me? Only fate knows the answer, so until then I will remain the silent soul in the corner.

Perhaps all that I have seen and endured is but a test of my endurance, so that I may become stronger and earn the title of being the quiet guardian of the innocent princess who sits in silence...waiting... just as I do...

Rock Ramos