Lesson Over Perceived Reward

Sometimes the lesson is more important than the perceived reward...

Lesson Over Perceived Reward

A lot of times in our lives we believe that an opportunity is right infront of us , which holds a reward. 

However, sometimes we are not able to grab hold of the opportunity due to various reasons , we might be hesitant and don't go for it or we might be overconfident and stumble  or we are halfway there but spoil our performance due to nervousness.

After either of the cases coming true, we feel that we have lost a reward which we could've easily got hold of . We need to stop right there and think and become aware of the reason things happened the way they happened and why we couldn't obtain the 'perceived reward'.

Maybe the situation  required us to obtain something deeper than the perceived reward, something which might turn out to be more valuable to us at that point in our lives , it required us to obtain a 'lesson' , a lesson about why we couldn't succeed and get what we wanted , were blind enough to recognize the opportunity or were lacking ability or courage etc , the lesson can manifest itself in different forms in the minds of different individuals depending on what they did or didn't do.

In this lesson , we're also going to discover another vital aspect which would indicate how we can succeed , how we can be bold enough , how we can develop our abilities etc  next time for the 'actual' reward.  The lesson will indicate what we must or musn't do when see something similar or even better and this lesson might just turn out to be the missing ingredient of our masterpiece :)

So, sometimes a lesson is actually more important than a perceived reward , be sure to obtain it .