Lessons From a Dog

Short story of being a dog owner.

Lessons From a Dog. 

There's nothing cuter in this world then a puppy. When we plan to get a new puppy and a new member of our family we do research of the breed. We discover if the breed we choose is a good fit for our family and lifestyle. We research the breeder to make sure they have a good reputation as an outstanding breeder.  We plan ahead for the exciting day of the arrival of our new puppy. We go to the store to purchase toys, a crate and food. The whole procedure is so exciting.

 The big day finally arrives for the arrival of our new family member. We get so excited that we can hardly wait for the day to arrive. Then finally our new puppy  arrives into our home and into our hearts and souls. 

We have a new companion in our family this is the time that we start to develop a relationship between our puppy and his owners.  There's nothing more heart warming  then the breath of a puppy or a wet puppy nose touching your face. This bonding is the start of a beautiful relationship between men and dog. After all a dog is what the owner  invests into the relationship and development of their puppy's future. 

Our dogs are a big part of our family and our everyday lives. Our dogs give us everlasting love and they love us unconditionally. Our dogs except nothing in return and they give us so much love and trust us with all of their hearts and souls. Our dogs end up sleeping in our beds or sitting on our laps while we watch tv or read a book. Without our dogs in our lives we would be lost. As the years pass by and our pets become so precious to us. The years pass by too quickly. Our dogs  grow old too fast. That's the only downfall to owning a dog is they don't stay with us for our lifetime. Their life times are too short. 

The hardest thing for a dog owner to do is to know when the right time to let go really is. Our dogs grow old and become elderly and end up in tremendous pain and can not tell us. We as dog owners develop a relationship with our dogs and we can tell by their actions if our dogs are in pain or not feeling well. Sometimes our dogs  leave us when they are sleeping. Sometimes we as the dog  owner have to make the decision when our pets  will leave us. As humans I think we sometimes get too greedy and want our  pets to stay with us to please our needs and not their needs. 

Owning a dog is a tremendous responsibility as our digs depend on us for everything. We need our pets to provide us with unconditional love; which they do and they expect nothing in return.  When the time arrives for our pets to leave us and we have to make the decision it breaks our hearts and we start to grieve the loss of our dog. This can take months and sometimes years. Sometimes if we think about getting another dog we feel guilty. We don't get another puppy to replace the one we lost because no other dog can replace any other dog we have had during our lifetime as dog owners.

I take great pride and joy having the dogs I have had in my life over the last 53 years. Each one of my dogs I have owned holds a special spot in my heart and soul. My dogs have gave me so much unconditional  love and have played a big part of who I am today. I am thankful for  each one of my dogs that I have had the honour to  share my life with. My three children  grew up surrounded with dogs in their lives and now my grand children  are growing up with dogs  in their lives. I will never be without a dog by my side to be my companion and to keep me company throughout the remaining years of my life.  Being a dog owner is a blessing! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my short story.

Kelly Hack@Amazing Pets