Comprehending the Incomprehensible

How to move beyond the unbearable need to know Why.

There are moments in our lives when we are faced by something so fractured from our reality, so far beyond comprehension that we can do nothing but search for a Why.

As we watch the TV screens roll by with news of atrocity, or sit and look at our loved one with a knowledge that they are ill beyond imagining; we ask Why.

We search for a Why

We search for a reason

We shout and we scream and we yearn to know... Why?  How can this be... why would this happen... why would they do this... Why?

The helplessness of not knowing, not understanding and being so far from comprehension is something that we as human beings find unbearable. We are paralysed with thought, searching for meaning, for a truth for a way to see beyond the incomprehensible wall of fractured reality; and we rage at the not knowing.

The Why becomes all we live for; the Why, the searching, the asking, and the attempt to make reason from the unbearable. We close ourselves down to live in a realm of fracture, of total separation from the reality of how we believed life was meant to be.

How to comprehend the incomprehensible? How do we find our way back to peace when all we want is to do is rage, to sob, to beg for the answer “how can this be?”

There is no answer.

There is no answer that lives outside of yourself that you can find.

There is no answer that can explain the act of another, or the thrown dice of chance.

There is no answer that can ever be given that will find you peace, and closure, because these Whys... these Whys have no answer at all.

These Whys live in the world of insanity, where no matter the validation, or the perspective offered, or the information given can ever make sense of the madness of it all.

Our only hope for life, for our peace, is to know that there is no answer. No simple solution. No flick of a switch to put back reality as it ‘should’ have been.

The only hope is to live in the knowing that there is no Why; there just is.

There is no reason; there just is.

There is no comprehension, for there is only incomprehension that is  incomprehensible.

The rage that demands an answer subsides when there is no question; there just is.

The grief of life fractured, eases when there is no question; there just is.

 A reality changed, yet not broken. A chance to live and find peace in the ‘it is’ rather than the ‘Why is it not’.

A comprehension of the incomprehensible, with a surrender, a knowing – there is no Why. There just is.