Moving On: Sometimes We Have to Do It Alone

Ending relationships and continuing to grow.

“No one ever said that life was easy.”  We have all heard this statement before and if you are like me, you have heard it in the times that were the most difficult, it’s not a very comforting thought, but it does bear truth.  Of the most difficult times in our lives, are the times in which we are faced with the decision of whether we should stay in a relationship or when we should move on.  When it comes to relationships, we tend to become comfortable, or we fear the unknown and often times we overstay.  Sometimes we even stay in a relationship because of fear for what other people may think if we go.

Throughout our lives, people come and go,  we must know when it is time to move on and act on it.

Often times, people are only meant to be with us for a period of time.  I believe that every single human encounter that we have holds a lesson.  It is up to us to know if the lesson has been learned and it is time to move on and sometimes, the lesson is learned in moving on.

Taking a leap of faith and leaving a relationship is not easy.

Even if we do know what is best in our situation, there are things like ego which kick in after we make the choice to move forward.  There is also a feeling of loneliness. After all, we merge paths with other humans in order to have a companionship.  Unfortunately, companionship is not always enough, it is rarely enough as we hope to grow and achieve our dreams.  If we are not moving progressing with someone, we can be moving forward alone and being alone is not the place we want to be when we have someone beside us.

It is important that we realize that it is ok to move forward.

We have to know deep down inside, that we can not only hold ourselves back, but we can hold back the growth of another when we try to force things and stay in one place out of comfort.  Something that is comfortable, like a pillow can also be used to suffocate and we must use caution in staying somewhere that we do not belong, for the wrong reasons.  Sometimes, it is better to cut the ties and to move on, no matter how difficult that it may be in the moment, there are always brighter days ahead.

One of the hardest parts of forging your own path after a relationship is missing the little things, the memories.  In my own life I have used those sentiments to go back, hoping that I will be able to relive those days.

We must remember that we cannot relive the past.

We cannot become stuck in a life that once was, as we are not the same person who we were.  Growth isn’t always easy, but in the long run we can draw what we choose from a situation.  In my life, I have chosen to draw good things from my past and use it to move forward with grace. Be careful not to let fear of the unknown hold you back and do not let the past dictate your present. It is in moving forward that we discover our true self and we should always be discovering and growing.