Damn Feelings! Damn Emotions!

Everyone has feelings, but why is it you just can't get over it?

Damn Feelings! Damn Emotions!

Everyone has Feelings , We All have emotions. Why is it you Just cant get over those feelings? Why are we afraid of our emotions? 

Society has dictated for so long that if your are sad and blue ,you Must be Depressed. Lets look at the word  de- Press -ed,


Simple Definition of depress

  • : to make (someone) feel sad : to make (someone) depressed

  • : to decrease the activity or strength of (something)

  • : to press (something) down

SO there you have it . If you decrease your feelings , if you push down what your feeling or hold it in ,than yes Your liable for depression.

We were not built to hold things in ,Nothings everything is to flow freely and if you try to press down what your feeling ,then you try to hold on to it , you are working against your Body and how it was created and how it is to FREE FLOW.  When those Happy moments come , we all want to hold on to them but its not natural because if you hold on to them so tightly you wont grow. You are holding onto something that was meant to move freely. Its Like trying to hold an wild animal ,ither your gonna get angry with it and sustain injuries including bit or clawed ,so now you are angry and possibly sad that you taken the joy out of admiring and even touching the animal and was damn lucky you even got to hold it, and tho whole time this animal was just wanting to be free free to mve , free to come and go. 

So lets look at greif and or sadness. Here again we want to hold on to someone who might be passing , or we fear them passing, It is actually our stinginess that wants to keep someone here in our life because we don't want to feel the pain of loosing them.  And then we become fearful and sad and then angry becasue we dont have Control over Life and Death. We humans are so damn stubborn ,and are taught from childhood that things should always be the same , Many people call it stability , and actually those I know with said stability are on such a strict routine ther eis no time for anything else ,including living Life itself. 

If we can remember the concept of evern the seasons that we endure every year of our life. That in its self is a lesson for everything else in your life. This too shall pass! Things , wear out , emotions are meant to be felt and then let go, People grow,People die, people leave, We are not supposed to hold on to anything for a life time but Love.

Love is misused and abused by so many , They dont even know what Love is , again lets take a look at what the dictionary says about Love.


Simple Definition of love

  • : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

  • : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship

  • : a person you love in a romantic way

  • You see that Just Like I said its the only thing that is constant. Now here's the Problem though, everyone of us have been touched by and hurt by Love , We all desire it , Fear it , embrace it , Enjoy it , And you it to describe how we are feeling, 

  • You can't change Love ,your feelings alter , You don't change Love , I won't get too technical here I'm trying to make a point , and that point is  Stop thinking you have the right to hold on and never let go of anything in Life !  If you can do that one thing and remember that everything comes and and goes just like the seasons and you know you have no control over them . SO once you get that downpack in your memory you can Now start KNOWING that this too shall pass , This too will Pass , and This to ain't Passing then go back to number one , LET IT GO ! Picture the wild kitty trying to free and you holding on, You are creating your own Grief and pain ! Let it Go by not stuffing your feelings , not hiding from your feelings ,but feeling what you are feeling even when its really tough ,you have to feel what your feeling to grow and flourish ,if you hold it in you will become like a stagnant pond ,and you created by holding on, and then you have all these maggots and annoying flies constantly trying to get at you , those are the negative people and actions you have given birth to by damning up your emotions. 

  • So tear down those walls, Tear down those Beliefs , break the damn and let yourself flow freely as God intended you to!!!!!