Spiritual Healing and Recovery from Pain

This article is my philosophical view of the intricacies and process of healing from the tragedies of our past. The article is based on a critical reflection of my various personal experiences of spiritual recovery.

Spiritual Healing and Recovery from Pain

As we recover from the tragedies and pains of the past, we must be patient with ourselves and understand that it is a healing process that takes time and requires endurance. Experience has shown that every major change in our lives should be accompanied by changes in the composition of our friends. In our search for peace and love, we must learn to let down our guards and accept the vulnerabilities that come with the terrain. Public teaching exposes the teacher to all sorts of attacks from multiple directions but someone has to inspire the next generation; it is a job that must be done. The envy, jealousy and hate that accompany success usually emanate from familiar people and places, and sometimes from strangers and strange places; this development should not be surprising to the spiritually intelligent entrepreneur. Never lose the primary focus of the mission and stay true to your purpose till the end. Faith and belief will attract loyal people and abundant resources for your work. Let your love for the assignment be your motivation and not the lure of riches.

Love is all that matters and love heals all wounds.

Our spiritual healing is not complete until we confront and conquer the fears, addictions, vices and attitudes that invited the spirits of defeat and destruction. It is pertinent to erase the last vestiges of our previous life and begin the reconstruction process anew. The healing process is a journey back to our past to reclaim the original spirit we came to this world with; the innocence of our birth devoid of anything we have learned along the journey of life. Spiritual healing, as difficult as it is, only brings us back to level zero; it takes us to the point at which spiritual growth can commence. The healing process is the addition of positive values to our inherent negative values till zero is reached. This neutralization process is a journey to find our true selves. It is only when we have rediscovered our reason for being born that growth can commence. Growth will never begin until we face and overcome the monsters that brought us down in the first place.

Growth begins after healing is complete.

The major indications of a full recovery include elongated periods of inner-peace, deep love for the self, not chasing after people and places,contentment, love for your neighbour, empathy, long term orientation and alchemic manifestations. Spiritual growth is the replication of this healing in the lives of others.

It is our duty to heal others as we have been healed.