Cohort Model

A system without restriction is the best a approach for my learning yet structure with deadlines keep me focused. My experience with the cohort model and my ENFP personality, has proven to me a greater chance for success.

The Beehive Cohort

The Beehive Is the perfect example of teamwork within a cohort. It starts with knowing the overall mission (clearly defined) each cohort has a goal and each individual bee has a purpose and a skill to share toward the mission. 


I would facilitate my Awakenings Cohort. I would want a Tech Thought Leader (TL), An Environmental TL,  Spiritual TL, Conscious Parenting TL, PTSD TL, Nutrition TL, Physical Therapist TL, Yoga/Meditation TL and other related Thought Leaders that will use their skills and knowledge to help Awakenings overall mission. I will be a member in their cohorts or those they recommend to return the same energy with skills or knowledge I can contribute to their mission. Each cohort mission is different yet serves the overall mission of the "hive".  

Boundaries of how often support is required and what is expected from each member would have to be clearly defined and consequences for non-compliance should be defined.

Depending on the needs of each cohort would also determine the type of members.  As another example: A Tech Cohort could benefit from limiting members to Tech TL only. My cohort would benefit best from diversity of Thought Leaders where a Tech Cohort would benefit from a tech only cohort to collaborate and exchange knowledge. This exclusive cohort is necessary for the success of everyone because those tech TL will bring that combined knowledge to the other cohorts. Depending on the needs of each cohort would determine the members.

Each cohort would need to serve toward and supporting the mission of Simple Reminders who has created the opportunity for everyone to maximize their potential.