Learning To Love

Brief list of what you have to do to love yourself and show love to others.

1. Rid yourself of low self esteem and gain confidence.

Rid yourself of low self esteem and gain confidence.

2. Gain Confidence

In order to become more confident, we must rid ourselves of all blame, shame and embarrassment from past experiences.  They are past and it is now time to live in the present with a better future in sight.  It doesn't matter whose fault it was because it is over and done.  If you want to make amends with someone, go to them and state your apologies.  Forgive yourself for any involvement or participation you had in it, and forgive all others involved.  You will begin to feel more confident about yourself because you will be clearing negative thoughts from your mind.

3. Accept yourself

Accept yourself

4. Forgive yourself. You only need your own approval for this.

if you understand that you can forgive others and yourself, you can realize that your acceptance of yourself depends on no one else but you.  We all are imperfect and make mistakes on a daily basis.  But it doesn't matter who approves of you because you are accountable only to yourself, and only you matter.  I'm not talking about being offensive or doing something deliberately to hurt someone else.  However, if we love and accept ourselves, we can and should share our love with others.  We were born in God's image and He is love.  So, therefore, we can cultivate this love in ourselves.  We are accountable to Him in the long run.  

5. Be thankful for what you have.

Be thankful for what you have.

6. Have Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have means appreciating all the good qualities you possess.  And if there is something you need to work on, we do have the ability to cultivate it within ourselves.  I'm talking about joy, peace, mildness, patience, goodness, self control, etc.  When you are developing a true love for yourself, you will recognize more of these traits in yourself that you can extend to others.  Loving oneself gives you happiness inside.  Happiness does not come from an outside source; it comes from within.

To sum it up, you must first reveal the source of low self esteem, forgive yourself and others, accept all of yourself and have gratitude for the things you can control about yourself.

Contributed by,

Darlene Rese