Let Your Child's Ideas Be Heard...

...for they may change the world

How many times a day does your younger child come to you saying "mommy, mommy, mommy or daddy, daddy, daddy?" Or even your older child shouting out from their room for you? What are your thoughts? What feeling comes through your body? I know myself that it is countless times in a day and sometimes so much so that I do a silent "cringe" or take a deep breath (asking for patience).

Yet what is so beautiful about our children IS their freedom of self-expression and their authentic "careless attitude" about the number of times they call out our name but rather the level of excitement the reverberation of their voice carries...no matter what their age.

I have often found that my 5-year old daughter's zest for life and her desire to share everything and anything that comes to her mind in that exact moment - truly holds infinite depths of possibility. While those moments of "cringe" do arise in me at times, I find more often than not my equal eagerness to hear what it is she wants to share. And when I wholeheartedly hold that space of connection (eye to eye, hand to hand), I am amazed by her expansive vision and curiosity.

She continues to remind me daily that when we "let" our children share their IDEAS, they always hold the power to CHANGE THE WORLD - first and foremost their own.

Namaste, Sandra