A few reasons why most people lose themselves along the way...

Rodney Smith explains why re-calibration might be the answer.

2. They’ve failed to recognize their ‘One most important thing’ (OIT).

As a high achiever, it’s crucial that you identify your ‘One Most Important Thing’ – however this is one element in business and life that we most frequently overlook. Firstly, it often comes back to becoming more aware of who you are, what you really want in your life and what’s important to you.  A useful way to identify this is by determining where you have the most impact, provide the most value and results in business or life, and asking if it is what you truly desire, what you love to do and if it moves your life forward or provides meaningful success to you.  If you get ahead at things you don’t care about, maybe you’re succeeding at something or climbing steps to success, but it’s not your real thing.  It will eat at you.  Or if you’re focus is spread or scattered across many areas and you are trying to do all of them well instead of focusing on your‘One Thing.’  You will struggle to get ahead.  In both cases you may in fact get ahead and achieve some notable successes but if you don’t integrate those successes you’ll never feel internally like you’re getting ahead, because you won’t internally accept those successes because you don’t find them meaningful.

That’s why you need to be re-calibrated to do what is most important to you and what you do well.  Becoming calibrated to what you want is different for every single person.  “You must be single-minded.  Drive for the one thing on which you have decided.” --General George S. Patton.  A characteristic of high achievers who have achieved great success is their ability to focus on the one thing they want, that drives them and fills them with purpose, passion and commitment. 

However, sometimes it’s difficult to clearly see the opportunities that exist to overcome roadblocks, obstacles or challenges when everything is seen as important or your workhorse mentality kicks in.  So, getting ahead begins with becoming consciously aware of where you currently are, what you truly desire to do, where you need to focus, what you do well and focusing on that very ‘One Thing’ to move forward for success.  I help high achievers in business who have lost connection with themselves and need re-calibration to become more successful in business and life – a benefit many life strategists do not provide – so I call myself ‘The Calibration Consultant”.  I help them realize what is most important to them and the importance of doing just that.

A while back I worked with a very successful Vice President of local Ecommerce SAAS Company, who was one of the 2015 top 50 CEO’s, Founders, Designers must follows on Twitter and has numerous honors and awards in Marketing and Social Media to his credit. He was killing it.  A workhorse in Business who has always been given more responsibility, more projects, more everything because he would always get things done and make things happen.

The problem was he felt disconnected from his life and family. He was lacking conscious self-awareness, was stressed, defensive, lacking energy, unhappy and unfulfilled and could not see the options he needed.  He felt let down and didn’t know who he truly was anymore or what to do about the roadblocks he faced.  His days were a scatter-gun approach of racing between tasks, activities, projects and agendas. Through our work together, I showed that being all things to all people and striving to be successful at everything was not sustainable, productive, fulfilling or healthy and did not serve his best interests or self.  Nor did it best serve his family or employer.  He needed calibration.

I helped him realize what was important to him and helped him understand the importance of doing just that.  He became re-connected in life and business and felt like a whole person again.  In Business that meant working on the business not in it and focusing on key strategic priorities and projects. At home that meant focusing on high quality time with his family and ensuring he makes downtime a priority.  His clarity, focus, energy and productivity increased tremendously and he is calibrated, aligned and congruent to who he truly wants to be and what is important to him to be successful.